After much thought and deliberation, we have decided that we will remain shut for the time being. Under the current governmental guidelines we are able to make contactless deliveries, but as flowers are a non-essential item, we feel that we would be adding an unnecessary risk, not only to ourselves and customers, but also to the chain of people who are part of the flower wholesale industry, including packers, drivers and their families. We understand that in this difficult time, many of you are wanting to send flowers to bring some cheer to those who are struggling in isolation. We are also aware how deeply the effect of the pandemic is effecting those of you who have lost loved ones over this time. I carry a great heaviness that I'm not able to help at this time, and the decision has not been made lightly.  We will constantly be re-evaluating the situation to see what and when we are able to offer, especially as our picking garden has a little bit more availability.

Keep Safe, Jan

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